So, last time I updated this project I was still working on D&1d. That project has evolved into the Goblets & Grues Virtual Box Set, which you can read about here: https://quarterlingscorner.blogspot.com/2021/04/wip-goblets-grues-virtual-box-se...

Version 3.0 of Squires Errant is meant to bring Squires Errant in line with Goblets & Grues. It uses a full set of RPG dice, as opposed to 1d6 only. Oh well! If you prefer the older versions of the game, they are still available, but have been moved behind the $2 paywall.

Hope you enjoy and look forward to G&G!


SquiresErrant_v3.0.pdf 90 kB
82 days ago
D&1d Preview #2.pdf 77 kB
82 days ago
D&1d System Preview.pdf 80 kB
82 days ago
SquiresErrant_WordDocs.zip 15 MB
82 days ago

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