Version 2.0! (Now priced $2)

I have been working on a follow-up to this game, D&1d, that will be largely classless, based on starting equipment like most Into the Odd / Electric Bastionland hacks.

It occured to me that some people might want to play with the more streamlined rules of D&1d, but with the classes of Squires Errant. So, here's that!

I have been working on these games a long time, so I thought upping the price from free to $2 would be fair.

D&1d is coming soon, and will have 36 starting packages, one for each combination of stats, and an optional wizard class for those looking to start with spells. Please look forward to it!


SquiresErrant_v2.0.pdf 120 kB
Mar 20, 2021 12 MB
Mar 20, 2021

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